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make me choose
starklysansa: sansa stark or martha jones?

make me choose

starklysansa: sansa stark or martha jones?

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Cecelia Cavanaugh • 16 • Band Geek • FC: Emilia Clarke • OPEN

Aloha, Cecelia.

Through her veins, classical music ran, inspiring her, making her into the perfect child. Cecelia is the girl every parent wants their kid to be. She is polite, educated, intelligent and most importantly: she’s talented. Both of her parents have belonged to the music industry for very long. At first, they started with a small business of producing and creating music instruments but their past had been of belonging to orchestra’s and such. Soon enough, their time to retire came along and so they settled down and opened the now grand music shop “C Notes” that stands for the family’s last name, Cavanaugh. Cecelia Cavanaugh excelled at everything she did and her parents made sure she was kept that way. Ever since she was little she had been taught how to play almost every instrument, but her favorite one was the violin. It was her passion and it brought her peace like nothing else in the world. As the entered high school and started becoming a girl more of her own, rather than her parents, she started drifting away from her house and her family, and more into the teenager scene. It was normal, after all. A sixteen year old girl who only knew music and she wanted to try something else. But, the downside of it all was that her parents just couldn’t allow that. They supported her in every sense of the way, but they also expected a legacy to be continued and Cecelia didn’t seem to be doing that.

Aloha ‘ino.

What Cecelia didn’t know was that her parents held a secret that she didn’t know. They had been together since they were very young, that she did know, but what had been obscure to everyone else was how they never had any interaction with their own parents or any other family member. Cecelia’s parents had eloped when they were young, running away together from their parental units to fulfill their musical dreams along with their own dream of being in love and being able to be together without anyone interfering. This had brought the disappointment of their families upon them, casting them away from ever reconnecting, causing Cecelia’s parents to have nowhere to go in case anything happened. They had handled their marriage well; they were luck enough to be blessed with having steady jobs, hard working tendencies and their talents by their side. Now in the present, Cecelia was their only hope. She had to keep the family afloat, which is why is expected of her to continue high school with good grades, focus on her studies and get into a good college so she can support both her family and herself. The money they have doesn’t last forever and with no one else to help, she’s the next in line to keep the family business going, even if she doesn’t want to. 

Akamai had now been Cecelia’s home for a year and though she wasn’t happy, she wasn’t all that sad either. They had an excellent music program but she did miss her life back home. Now she didn’t get to see her parents as often and her friends rarely called. They were like her, too. Dedicated and slaves of the music. Sometimes Cecelia held resentment towards her parents and what they did to her, since she didn’t understand the “why” for transferring her in the middle of her freshman year to another school. But, she’s not one to complain. She’ll make the best of it and keep moving forward. As long as she can play her instruments, she’ll do whatever. 


✓ Poised, sincere, warm
⃠ Gullible, impulsive, foolish


Nico Lance: unconventional friendship→ The circumstances to which Nico and Cecelia had become friends were unclear but ever since they struck up their first conversation, Cecelia found herself taking a liking to the boy. He was sweet and good looking, something she wasn’t used to back home and he actually payed her attention. He also was her wild side, since he tried to get her to loosen up and have some fun. 

Daniel Bailor: try hard relationship → Cecelia tried to get him to be better, but Daniel refused. He tried to get her to rebel against her parents, but she refused, too. Their relationship was complicated and they are constantly trying to fix the other. They’re not even a couple, but they can’t help but try and make the other what they think they should be.